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NO LIMITS! Service Dog Training

Diamonds In The Ruff—NO LIMITS! can help locate a dog/puppy through rescue groups, shelters, and reputable breeders. We can test the dog/puppy in the real world for service dog appropriateness before adoption or purchase. Once we have found “the right” dog or puppy, we begin training with 2—4+ weeks of board and train, living in Joellen’s home and accompanying her most places she goes, so she can give your new family member/working partner a good start. We continue training with you through private training . Teaching your dog some individualized tasks you need may be started during the initial board and train stay. Additional board and train stays are likely in order to be able to teach your dog all the tasks you may need, and “proof” them in different places. For puppies it is crucial that they have additional board and train stays during challenging developmental periods.
Just a few of the behaviors/tasks your dog may learn are; alert to alarms and noises, diabetes alert (low and high blood sugar), picking up dropped items, interrupting a PTSD episode or anxiety attack, helping you with mobility, retrieving specified items, getting help, calling 911, turning on and off light switches, pulling a wheel chair, plus much more. You may ask your doctor for documentation stating that a service dog is a necessity for you, and keep a copy of this document with you. Those with low income may qualify for training at a reduced fee.

Pet Assisted Therapy Training

Think your dog would be a good Therapy dog? Would you like to share your dog with a variety of people in different settings such as hospitals, convalescent hospitals, long term care facilities, schools, and libraries? This specialized training is designed to assess and prepare you & your dog to become a pet assisted therapy team.